SSL Benefits

SSL Benefits
The primary benefit of an SSL certificate is protecting online communications & transactions. A secondary benefit is its ability to minimize risks and protect the sensitive information of your visitors and customers.

Additional benefits of having an SLL certificate installed include:

Boost Search Engine Rankings
Google’s new Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) technology is dependent on SSL technology. Having an SSL certificate on your website and using Google’s AMP technology to format your content for mobile search can result in faster load times resulting in a boost in search engine rankings.

Provide Authentication
SSL certificates are specific to the web domain on which they’re installed making it easy for visitors to verify ownership.

Data Integrity
Because data is encrypted before being sent and decrypted when it’s received, users no longer have to worry about private information being hijacked or sensitive information such as SSN or bank account info being stolen.

Online Payments
Having an SSL certificate, which is mandatory for websites performing online payment transactions, provides an advantage over competitors who don’t have one.

Customer Loyalty
SSL certificates allow you to secure customer information. This provides a sense of relief to customers making them more likely to continue doing business with you.

Having an SSL certificate makes the business appear professional establishing instant credibility when compared to other businesses without an SSL certificate.

Establishes Trust
SSL certificates show a website as being trustworthy as SSL certificates can only be issued by an established certificate authority if the applicant passes the verification process.

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