Types of SSL

Standard SSL Certificates

  • Secures a single web domain
  • Authenticates identity of domain owner
  • Boosts search engine ranking
  • Adds padlock to web browser showing online communications to be secured
  • Ideal for blogs & personal websites

Extended Validation

  • Secures single web domain
  • Offer higher degree of authentication over Standard SSL certificates
  • Requires more evaluation & documentation checks
  • Validation includes manual steps to confirm web domain identity, ownership, location, and authorization

Multi-Domain SSL Certificates

  • Use Subject Alternative Names (SAN) certificates to secure unlimited domains & sub-domains.
  • Ideal for securing names across multiple domains and sub-domains.
    • Examples:
    • mydomain.com
    • anotherdomain2.com
    • mynextdomain3.com
    • mail.mydomain.com
      Allows running multiple services on a single dedicated IP address.
      Capable of securing messaging services:
    • SMTP
    • ActiveSync
    • Microsoft Outlook

Wildcard SSL Certificates

  • Secures single domain to include an unlimited number of first-level sub-domains. Examples include:
  • mydomain.com
  • mail.mydomain.com
  • yourblog.mydomain.com
    Displays Green address bar
    Secures both mydomain.com & www.mydomain.com
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